About us

We, Hans Straathof and Diane Schrama, would like to welcome you to our B&B Als het golft. In addition to being your hosts, we own a chrysanthemum nursery and export company. Als het golft is a direct offshoot of that company. Hans’ father started his flower nursery at the location where our B&B now stands. A wonderful company that we were happy to have passed down to us. Over fifteen years ago we moved the company to a different location; on the site of the former flower nursery we built a new home and already had a different use in mind for the old barn too.

Our plans finally came to fruition at the end of 2015. The working barn was knocked down and replaced by our B&B Als het golft, constructed using the latest, sustainable techniques and materials, such as geothermal heating and LED lighting. As a nod to its past as a nursery we opted for a modern waterfront house, reminiscent of the old barn and seamlessly blending into its surroundings, which are still home to several plant nurseries.

The site of the kitchen and breakfast area used to be the canteen. And the meeting location is exactly where the old office was. The link between the modern day and the past has been expressed in the large, hand-painted flower found on the wall of each room.

We are very pleased with the final result and look forward to receiving you here.

You are a most welcome guest,

Hans and Diane