Surrounding area

The area around Als het golft is just waiting to be explored. By boat, bicycle or on foot. And if you have had enough peace and quiet, you can be in lively Leiden or dynamic Amsterdam in half an hour by car or public transport. We will be happy to advise you personally on the many activities available in our immediate surrounding area. We have listed a few below to give you a taster.


20-minute drive

Tulip fields

10-minute drive


10-minute drive


20-minute drive


Voor de deur

Nearby towns and cities
Just a stone’s throw from Als het golft (13 km) is Leiden, a town that is both lively and stately:
Amsterdam, the city that never sleeps, can be reached in under 45 minutes by car or public transport:
The seat of our government, The Hague, manages to be both regal and working class at the same time. It is certainly worth a visit:
Slightly further away, but still within an hour’s journey is Rotterdam:

On the waterfront and waterways
Hire a boat or a skipper to take you out on a boat. You can do all these options at:
Stand Up Paddling, a genuine polder experience:
Worth going on a boat trip for, the tulip route through the polders behind Als het golft:

The website is packed with information on what you can do and experience in our watery region: events, walking, cycling and boat trip routes, packages and wonderful historical stories.

Restaurants on the waterfront:
Kom Eten:
Café de Haven:
Tussen Kaag en Braassem:
Yacht Club Noorderhem:
Plantage 87:
Cafetaria Cozijn:
De Vergulde Vos:
De Kromme Does:

On dry land
There’s no greater fun to be had than exploring the surrounding area on foot or by bicycle. Find all the routes and events on:
For sport-lovers: indoor golf at Rijpwetering:
Interested in learning more about the area’s history? Why not visit the Stichting Oud Alkemade museum: